Sunday, May 18, 2014

We Finished Kindergarten!

Woo hoo! Since last fall our little man finished a year of Kindergarten, learned to READ and add and started telling time. Somehow between moving, unpacking, painting & settling in we also managed to potty train little brother (well, mostly) AND read 380+ books together (less than a month after moving, the librarians knew us all by name). Several people have asked me about what we do and what materials we use, so that's what today's post is about. Ready? Here it goes...

Reading - We started out using the My Father's World reading program but it was way too easy so we switched to my own lessons using the Bob Books. I based my lessons on the ones I found on the Teaching Reading with Bob Books blog. This was a really good fit for him, and right on his level. Now that he's finished the entire Bob series, he works his way through other easy readers and story books. I'd recommend the Bob Books for anyone (home school or not) whose child knows their letter sounds and is ready to start blending sounds together into short words. You can read about them here and purchase them here.

Letters and Phonics - We worked on handwriting skills through a variety of fun multi-sensory activities like writing in shaving cream and tracing chalk letters, as well as good old fashioned copy work (copying the letters as well as his memory verses).

Math - This is what we started our day with most days. We used Right Start Math, which I described and reviewed in this post.

The last day of each unit he used his Cuisenaire Rods and completed a set of letter pages in his C.R. Alphabet Book.

We also had a "calendar time" which is when we found the date on the calendar, sang our days of the week song, months of the year song, practiced our address and phone number, practiced shapes, colors, and patterns.

Discovery Unit - I wrote my own thematic units based on the 26 letter themes from My Father's World Kindergarten. We've learned about astronomy, seasons, animals & their homes, camouflage, plants & leaves, rocks, dinosaurs, the five senses, healthy eating, and colors. Each day we read books aloud and have a hands-on activity and memory verse. Here's a peek at our art lines...

Now it's summer time and baby time. :)

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