Friday, May 23, 2014

Free Printables for Kindergarten Letter Units

Today I'm sharing the last of my Kindergarten Printables. I made these to go along with our ABC Letter Units.

Sea Turtles Game Cards... I made these game cards based on the suggestion of a mom on the MFW Kindergarten boards who made up a Sea Turtles Race. This is my version of the game, including instructions and printable game cards. We used it during our Turtle unit, and it was a really fun game enacting the various perils that sea turtles face from the time they hatch to the time they get to the sea.  It goes perfectly along with the book "Turtle, Turtle, Watch Out," which is one of my boys' favorites. 

Nature Colors Cards... This is a set of nature pictures to print in both black and white as well as color, to illustrate what a big difference COLOR makes! I never thought of color as a blessing before, but this helps illustrate the beauty God blessed us with in the world around us. We used these cards during the Yellow (colors) unit.

Wild Animal Memory Cards... I made these cards to go along with the Elephant unit. It's basically a memory game where you lay out the cards on the table, let the child look them over, then you remove one and they try to figure out which one is missing.

Frogs & Toads PDF... I made this file for our Frog unit. It includes a list of the differences between frogs and toads, instructions for making a Frogs & Toads Vinn Diagram, and a collection of frog and toad pictures for the child to sort after learning the differences between frogs and toads.

Farm Animals Cards... I made these farm animals cards illustrating the male, female, and baby of a variety of different animals around the farm. They can be colored and used for an assortment of matching or memory games. We used these during our Goat, Cow, and Horse units.

Enjoy!  Please feel free to use these files for personal use and to share a link to this post with anyone you think may appreciate it. Just don't link directly to the files themselves or post them on another site as your own.

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