Monday, May 26, 2014

My Printable Passport! (A free geography printable!)

I've been working on getting everything planned, made, and printed for school next year so that when our baby's born I'll be truly "off" for the summer (well, as "off duty" as any mother ever is) and in the Fall I'll already have everything we need for home schooling sitting on the shelf waiting for me to just pick up and start using. One of the things I made is a printable passport, which we'll start using next year along with our Geography studies.

Here's the cover:

Inside the cover are real passport images:

The next page is for the child to fill in his info, and after that starts the visas:

I found one printable passport online that I liked pretty well, but printing it was a little tricky and it didn't have enough space in it for all 55 African countries we'll be studying next year. So I designed mine to could accommodate any number of countries by adding extra country/date pages into its center. The page you see here can be printed as many times as desired, and added to the middle of the book, so it will have room for how ever many countries you plan to cover in the year:

And here's the last country page and inside the back cover (with another real passport image):

My plan is to write in each country as we study it, and stamp it with a date stamp! Here's the date stamp I found, which fits perfectly into the date spot of the passport.

I bound it with my long stapler, so it lays flat like the real thing.

If you'd like to print my passport for yourself, you can click HERE to download it. I just ask that you limit it to personal or classroom use, and don't distribute or sell it as your own. If you want to share the file with others, please don't link directly to the file but link to this post.

Printing instructions:
Print pages 1&2 front/back onto blue cardstock for the cover. Then print pages 3&4 front/back to go just inside the cover. Print page 5 front/back w/ itself (page 5 on the front, page 5 on the back) as many times as you want for the middle of the book.

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