Friday, June 14, 2013

I'm moving my website content to BLOGGER!

It may seem a little backwards, but after building my website and having it hosted independently, I've decided to move it over here to Blogger. (I think most people do the opposite... they start with Blogger, then decide to move elsewhere.) I realize that I'll be losing comments, links & pins, but hopefully it will survive the transition anyway. If you're wondering why I'm moving my site here it's pretty simple- because Blogger is free. And although I didn't start my site as a blog, I'm hoping that maybe it will benefit from the blog format, since that's more familiar to most people to navigate through. We'll see! :)

I'm waiting to move my subscribed readers over to the new site until I've got all my content posted so there's not an explosion of old posts to your inboxes :)  See you soon!