Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Free Kindergarten Printables and Downloads!

Here are a few printable files I made for our Kindergarten year. You're welcome to download them for personal use, or link back to this post. Please don't link directly to the file or post it as your own.

Here's our 100 Chart, which we used in math...

Here's our Handwriting Chart, which I made using Bob Jones Pre-Cursive Font. It's laminated to use with a wet-erase marker.

I made my own ABC Cards, which are based on the letter unit themes from MFW Kindergarten. We used these while singing the "A a Apple Song."

I also made some ABC Notebook Pages, which say the letter theme. So on the A page it says "A is for Apple" at the top, and "If I stay in Jesus, I will bear much fruit" at the bottom. The middle is blank with room to glue on a piece of artwork. In the photo below they are the green pages. At the end of the year we bound it as an ABC Notebook.

Here are my Memory Verse Cards. I chose my own memory verses that corresponded to our letter units. The new MFW curriculum includes suggested memory verses, so I imagine that some of them are the same as what I picked out and some are different. I printed the ABC Pictures on one side and the corresponding memory verse on the other side.

I also made some copywork pages using our memory verses.

And I made an ABC Theme Chart to use for my own quick reference to see the theme and memory verse for each letter unit.

Enjoy! Again please don't link directly to the file or post it as your own. I appreciate you sharing a link to this post.

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