Why Home School?

Why Would Anyone WANT to Homeschool?
  • It WORKS! - Get your facts straight! Check out the nation's largest study of home schoolers!
  • What about Socialization? - Here's answers to the most common question/concern for home schoolers.
  • Why Home Schooling Rocks For Our Family - This is what I love about it, based on our experience.
  • Here's the "Low Down" from one home schooling mom's experience.
  • Where's the Breach?  - One family's school experience that led them to home schooling. 
  • Blessings of Homeschooling - Here's why so many families are happy home schoolers!
  • Home Schooling Makes Me Happy  Check out this video of a thirteen year old boy's lecture at a global conference! He shares his experience leaving the school system to home school, how he's been able to tailor his education to his interests and learning style, and some amazing opportunities he's seized along the way as a result of it. 

Reasons to Re-Think Sending Your Kids to School...

Still Concerned About Home Schooling? 
  • 6 Homeschooling Misconceptions Erased - This is an excellent post written by a mom who never intended to home school but became one overnight.  
  • Think You Can't Do It? - Here's an excellent linkup of bloggers discrediting the most commonly used "I Can't Homeschool Because _____" statements. 
  • Many Tulsans Choose Home School Over Public... Here's a recent news story and video about home schoolers in Tulsa. 
  • 15 Key Facts about Home Schoolers Home schoolers are everywhere! Did you know home schoolers do better on the ACT, they're more likely to attend college and consistently have better college performance? Read what college is typically like for today's home school students. 
  • Home School Teens Ripe for College "Myths about home schoolers are false, and most are well-prepped for college, experts say." Check out this article from U.S. News & World Report. 

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