Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Best Bible Pen

    If you're going to write notes or references in the margins of your Bible, you may have noticed that it's hard to find a perfect Bible notes pen. You know, one that won't smear or skip or bleed through the page, and is still legible years down the line. Many pens' ink deteriorates for feathers out over time, making your notes no longer legible. Well, I think I finally found a great Bible notes pen, so here it is: the Pigma Micron 005 . And the great news is it only costs three bucks!
You can get it as either an add-on item from Amazon OR pick it up at an arts/crafts store like Hobby Lobby or Michaels, because it's mainly used by artists and illustrators. They may not carry the 005, which makes the super skinniest writing line (.02mm), in which case your second best option is the Pigma Micron pen 01 (.05mm), which is still very skinny. I recommend thumbing through all of them on the rack though, b/c I called the store and they told me they didn't carry the 005 pen, but I did find a couple at the back behind all the others. (If you prefer a thicker ink line, buy one of their larger sizes, I just prefer the thinnest ink lines so I can write tiny.) 

   Ok, so why is this pen your best bet? The ink is archival, meaning it still looks great 20 years down the road. It is pigment-based ink so your ink doesn't bleed through the page but sits on top of it. Most any pen you buy has dye-based ink, which actually dyes the paper it's written on, allowing it to bleed through to the other side or feather. If you want to read more about their pens on their official site, click here. If you want to take my word for it, then go grab one at Hobby Lobby or Michaels or order this one on Amazon and give it a whirl. I should also mention that these pens don't skip at all, but write with a smooth, even-flowing line. I've never been much of an ink snob (being choosy over pens) but this is definitely a great pen. It isn't much of a looker (you know, it's not cutesy) but it gets the job done. :) But one word of warning: be careful lending it to someone else because I've noticed that people tend to press pretty hard, and that pushes the tip in on these pens... they should only be pressed lightly. 

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