Monday, February 22, 2010

My Bible

If you're looking for the best quality Bible on the market- check out what Cambridge has to offer! I L-O-V-E my Cambridge Bible! My previous Bibles weren't particularly cheap (like $80-90), but I just haven't been happy with how they've held up long-term. Since I think it's a pain to switch Bibles (transferring notes, etc.), I took my time and researched to try to find the best quality one I could so that I could "move in" to it and stay put!
Although a Cambridge will cost you a pretty penny, it's definitely worth it!

Second link: Pitt Minion Goatskin Leather Cambridge Bible (it's little)

Reasons I love these two Bibles:
- Goatskin leather cover- you can't get any better than this!
- Smyth Sewn binding- this is THE best binding available
- Quality pages- thick enough you can write on them w/ out bleed through
- The large one has wide margins. They're wider than I was used to, but now I love having the extra space to write in notes. Plus there are LOTS of blank pages at the back to write in extra notes or outlines, and even an alphabetized section to make your notes easier to find when you need them.
- The smaller one has the same page printings but in a little bible, so when you need to bring a small Bible w/ you, you can use the Pitt instead, but the verses are still located in the same spot on the page as what you're used to in this one. (I find this handy b/c I can use my large one as my main study bible, but use the small one to stick in a diaper bag when I have my hands full to take for worship.)
- NASB translation, my top pick. (
Here's why!)

If you're considering purchasing a new Bible, read this series beforehand! (It introduces you to terms you should know when shopping for a Bible, and looks at the various quality levels to choose from, depending on your needs and budget.) If you are looking for a Bible to last the rest of your lifetime and are tired of poor bindings that don't hold up, you won't be disappointed w/ a Cambridge.

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