Monday, November 7, 2016

An Easy DIY Winter Wreath

Want to make a fun winter wreath to adorn your door? 

This one was made the exact same way as My Easy Burlap Wreath Tutorial, but using a couple fancy ribbons instead of burlap. My mom and I stocked up on silver sparkly ribbons after Christmas at Hobby Lobby last year, and found the fancy blue flowers then too. Afterwards I added the sparkly R. 

To make the letter, I bought a plain letter from Hobby Lobby, painted it, then mod podged on a bunch of super fine blue glitter, which I got from Michaels. (the super fine part is important!)

I have the letter hanging from fishing line which I tied to the wreath frame and then to an upside down command hook on the back of the R. That's it! 

Happy Wreathing! :D  (If you want to make your own, see my wreath tutorial here!)

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