Thursday, January 29, 2015

Pretty Storage Solutions

I'm a rather big fan of pretty storage. I mean, I love for everything to have a place, but sometimes space restriction requires that the "place" is in plain sight. I figure if I'm going to be stuck looking at something, it may as well be pretty! With that in mind, I'll share a few of my favorite "pretty storage" solutions...

Since some of our bathroom storage space is visible and open, I found some pretty boxes from Hobby Lobby to hold all my miscellaneous stuff, and rolled the towels to make them look nicer on the shelf...

And speaking of miscellaneous bathroom stuff in pretty boxes, I keep our essential oils in this cute little box on our counter top...

This box is from Hobby Lobby too. I like having our oils handy, but contained so they don't look cluttery or accidentally get bumped off and broken...

And I put our spare toilet paper in this adorable wall basket (it's intended for fruit!) right above the toilet. Again, it's handy but looks a little cuter this way. 

In the kitchen, I have a couple cookbooks that are almost always sitting on my counter. So I finally got a cookbook stand. Not only does it keep my cookbook lifted off the counter so it's protected from spills, but I think it looks rather cute in there. And there are little weighted balls to hang over the open book that keep the pages lying flat.

While we're in the kitchen I'll show you some counter-top containers I found for our oil and honey... 
I'm pretty sure it's the most adorable honey pot ever! The oil dispenser isn't too shabby either. I was extra-excited about the honey pot since we buy raw, local honey in a big 'ol gallon container.

Another pretty storage solution I've found is for our children's keepsake items. Instead of throwing them into storage tubs, I found these cute trunks at Hobby Lobby. The three smaller ones are for the boys, and the one large one on the bottom I use as a hope chest. The boys' "special boxes" contain things like their baby books and keepsakes I add in every now and then. 

Moving into our school room... we have a lot of items to organize. One of the easiest fixes for organizing paper and other office supplies is putting them in plastic drawer bins. I bought black ones, then gave them a face lift with pretty contact paper, and label stickers...

We have a good bit of paper supplies that we use with school, so I have a lot of these! I print the labels onto sticker paper in Microsoft Word, then punch them out.
If you were extra-ambitious you could spray paint the white drawer bins with a bright color, then use coordinating contact paper to get what ever look you'd like.

I keep my laminatorbinding machine, and long-stapler in their own boxes, all covered with matching contact paper.... They did not fit ANYWHERE except in plain sight so that's why their boxes got a face lift.

Cute-shaped sticker labels are a cinch with my my favorite Paper Punch..
(There are also a lot of cute pre-made sticker labels available!)

And last, but not least, here are a couple of my favorite ThirtyOne mini utility bins that hold our art supplies. I did have them all crammed together in one crate, but these are cuter and more portable. 

One thing that's great about using the black and white printed storage solutions in our school room is that it's easy to coordinate them! 

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