Essential Oils

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1. What's all the Fuss about Essential Oils? This is the first post of my three-part series, introducing you to Essential Oils. It include links to places you can research deeper if you'd like to.

2. My Young Living Essential Oils Starter Kit! Woo Hoo!  This is the second post of my three-part series. I share the oils that came in my starter kit, a little about each one and how I've used them.

3. How to Your Oils Wholesale This is the third post of my three-part series. It's for anyone who's interested in using therapeutic-grade essential oils in their home. I explain how you can get the very same wholesale discount I get, saving money while buying the best-of-the-best essential oils.

Want to See the Natural Healing Power of Essential Oils?

Sarah's Amazing Transformation... Read about my sweet friend who used to be bed ridden and suffered from migraines 5 days out of 7 for over 20 years, but through the use of Young Living essential oils she is now off all her meds, migraine-free, with no side effects, ACTIVE with life and her family again, and couldn't be happier! Here's her story.

Relief for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder... This article is about a Vietnam veteran who has finally found relief and is able to sleep for 8 hours with NO nightmares from his PTSD for the first time in 45 YEARS because of Young Living Essential Oils!!!

Essential Oils Kill MRSA Bacteria and More!... Read more about it here!

Isn't One Essential Oil Brand as Good as the Next?

It Matters Where You Get Your Essential Oils!  Read why here, and learn about the essential oils I use.

What Makes Young Living Different From Any Other Firm in the World  This is a great response written via email by a Young Living customer service agent.

For Those Using Essential Oils

My Favorite Resources and Links for Essential Oil Users 

Tracy's Treasury of Essential Oil Recipes  Here's a collection of all the EO recipes I've shared on my blog. I have quick recipes for making your own simple sprays & ointments for all sorts of things from first aid to sanitizing to bug repellant to nourishing skin and treating eczema or diaper rashes.

Essential Oils: Shh! Don't Tell!  Get the latest scoop on sharing in an FDA compliant way.

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