Friday, December 9, 2011

DIY Glitter Glass Ornaments

Something about Christmas begs everything to be sparkled, doesn't it? If you love sparkles but not the mess that comes with them, then these ornaments might just make your Christmas very merry! 

They're super sparkly, super easy to make, and best of all... all the glitter is on the INSIDE! So there is NO MESS! Woo hoo!!!

What you need:
   Floor Polish*
   FINE glitter**
   glass ball ornaments

Shopping Tips:
*I used Pledge Floor Polish with the BLUE lid. I've also heard that you can use Mop & Glow. **Don't get chunky glitter! It must say FINE. It should look like fine dust. I used Martha Stewart brand from Michael's, and I found it near the wedding and stamping stuff, NOT by all the other glitter. And FYI- Hobby Lobby doesn't carry it. Also... DON'T buy white! It looks horrendous for this project. Stick with any other color and you'll be good to go! :) 


Pop the tops off your glass ornaments. 

Pour some of the floor polish inside, and roll the ornament around every which way to FULLY coat every bit of the inside surface. Don't shake it though, because you don't want the bubbles. FIY- If you give this job to a three-year-old, they WILL shake it. 

Turn the ornament upside-down over the bottle to fully drain it. If you have any bubbles, tap the ornament over a paper towel til they work their way out. It's easiest to pour slowly, and swirly gently so you don't get bubbles in the first place. 

Funnel some fine glitter inside the ornament. Twirl it around and/or cover the hole with your thumb and shake it up. If you see thin spots or holes in the coverage, add more glitter and keep twirling.

After you've got good, full coverage, dump out the remaining glitter to use in your next ornament. 

Let the ornaments dry an hour or so before replacing the top on it. 

Carefully, pop the top back on to the ornament, being careful not to twist it around because that'll knock off some glitter. 

Afterwards, jazz it up as you see fit. You can add a ribbon at the top and/or apply vinyl lettering. I just stuck w/ the ribbon... 

Ta Da!!!

The last and most important step: Please email me a photo of your finished project, including your name and what state you're from! One of my favorite things about sharing tutorials is getting to see what YOU made using them! I also really appreciate your comments, links, and Pinterest Pins! :) 

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