Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Hoppy Halloween! (Frog & Tadpole Costume Tutorials)

Here are the costumes I whipped up for my boys this year:

I have a spunky little hopping frog...

And a newly-crawling tadpole!

And can you believe he is the first person in google image search history to be a tadpole for halloween?! I couldn't find ANY example costumes to base it off of, so here's what I drew my design from:

If you'd like to make a frog and/or tadpole costumes, click below to view or download my tutorials:

To make the hats, I used the same pattern I shared last month for Fleece Ear Flap Hats (visit the original post here):

Fleece Ear Flap Hat Tutorial

And now for one of my favorite parts, a couple pictures I've received back from readers who used my tutorials to make this project themselves...

One of my lovely readers, Lauren, used my tutorial to make a tadpole costume for her daughter's first Halloween costume! She says she's not an experienced sewer but was able to follow along and was pleased with the results. Didn't she do a great job? 

Kristie from Maryland used my tutorial to make her little one's frog costume. Don't you just want to pinch those froggy cheeks?

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  1. would you be interested in selling these costumes? i have no idea how to sew and this is exactly what i'm looking for!!!!