Friday, September 30, 2011

DIY Baby's Sleep Sack (Sewing Tutorial)

When our little guy outgrew his 0-9 mo sleep sack at age 6 mo, I came up with this pattern for a new one that will be plenty long for his growing little legs. 

One of my readers, Sarah S, used my tutorial to make a sleep sack for her son. She wrote me back, glad for the  "super easy sleep sack pattern". She's a beginning seamstress and thought it was very easy to make. Here's hers, modeled by her sweet little Sammy:
Thanks for sharing Sarah!

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  1. I just made a typical sleeveless sleep sack for my grandchild, but without sleeves the baby arm's are too exposed, even with a hefty t shirt on. He was cold one night, according to my son.I was thinking that sleep sacks need sleeves, and here your tutorial is. So I'll make it and see how Mom and Dad like it and let you know.