Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Rag Bag Sewing Tutorial

As if I don't have enough bags already! I didn't have a cute one in these exact proportions though. This fun little bag is made by rag quilting squares together in the shape of a bag. It's super simple, and (in my humble opinion) super cute! The size is perfect for carrying a couple binders or notebooks, your Bible and class material, etc.

Want to make one of your own? 

CLICK HERE to view or download the tutorial!

Here are some pictures I received back from Teri B of Kansas... She used this tutorial to make a handful of "quiet bags" for kids from church to bring books in. 

And this one she made with ties to tie on to a walker. This would also be a great idea to make a bag that ties on to a stroller!

Thanks for sharing Teri!

If you like this project, check out my Rag Quilt Sewing Tutorial!

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