Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sassy Shelves

Want to make some sassy shelves to coordinate with a room?  

Here's what you need:

  •    Shelf to refinish 
  •    Craft paint or left over wall paint 
  •    Mod Podge
  •    Fabric or Scrapbook Paper (fabric is easier to work with b/c it won't tear)
  •    Optional: Clear brushing lacquer  


Paint your shelf the base color. Depending on the size of your shelf, this may only require one or two little bottles of craft paint. No need to buy a quart. 

Cut your fabric or scrapbook paper to the exact size and shape you want. Be sure there's extra at the edges to fold around the back. 

Use plenty of Mod Podge to glue the fabric or scrapbook paper to the legs of your shelf, leaving the top piece your painted color. Use more Mod Podge to paint a clear coat on top of the entire thing, which seals your fabric/paper to the shelf. 

Optionally, lacquer the entire shelf for a nice finish. Doing so will protect the top from scratches when you start using the shelf. 

Then hang them up and fill with cuteness!

The last and most important step: Please email me a photo of your finished project, including your name and what state you're from! One of my favorite things about sharing tutorials is getting to see what YOU made using them! I also really appreciate your comments, links, and Pinterest Pins! 

Here's a picture I received back from one of my lovely readers. Sandra R from California used my tutorial to make a Hello Kitty shelves for her daughter. 
Thanks for sharing Sandra!

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