Monday, June 1, 2009

What is Lapbooking?

Lapbooking consists of making several mini-books w/ details over a common topic, then putting them all together in a lapbook.  Once complete, a lapbook is a great tool for review and fits nicely into your child's home school portfolio.  It's especially suited for kinesthetic and visual learners.

Begin by selecting a topic.  Break the topic down into subtopics, and each subtopic will have its own mini-book.  You may choose to cover a new sub-topic each day, and at the end of the week (or whatever your time table), attach all mini-books to the lapbook.

Assemble a lapbook out of a simple file folder, just folding each flap towards the center fold so they meet in the middle.  Fill the inside with a presentation of the material, including all minibooks on each subtopic.  This sounds complicated, but once you look at a couple and get the idea, it's really quite simple.  They are a great way to demonstrate what the student has learned, from beginning levels all the way up.

Mini offices are a variation of lapbooks, but with extra panels, depending how much space is needed for a subject.  They may be well suited for the teacher to make as a visual aid in teaching, or as a project/report for more advanced students. 

(these are the little books that go in a lapbook)

Construction Tips...
  • Use file folders, poster-board, card-stock rather than construction paper for it to last better
  • If you run out of room, just extend it with extra card-stock that "flaps" out
  • Consider printing some items onto sticker paper, to omit gluing.
  • It helps to have a system in place. Check out these time-saving tips for lap bookers. 

Lapbooking Info...

Lapbooking Printables...
Storage ideas...
  • Homeschool Creations... Here's how to add a duct tape binding to the side of your lap books, making them easy to bind and store. 
  • Practical Pages... Here are a couple more storage options after binding the side with duct tape. She uses folders or comb binding. 

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