Monday, June 15, 2009

Lots of Minibook Examples

One Page Mini-book... cut out shape and fold in half, or cut it out "on the fold" of the paper.  Try different sizes, shapes, and colors of paper. 

Shape Books...  Cut out pages in desired shape & bind.  Get free patterns with & without lines from Education Place and from Teacher View.
Square/rectangle accordion:

Triangle accordion:

Index card accordion:

Flip Book...  This is layered with each page sticking out past the previous one.  Click here for instructions, or click here to create one online to print off.

Flag Book...  Similar to the Flip Book, the flag book is simply each page or flag attached separately, staggered. 

Flip Flap book...  fold rectangular-shaped paper in half, long ways.  Cut "fringe" towards fold, and students label each flap individually. (Illustrations from Education Station.)

Fold-Overs...  Fold paper in half, then take one top edge and fold it back down to the crease. Last, cut a shape, if desired, then illustrate.

Match Book...  Fold the top edge down for the main portion of the "mini book," and fold just a sliver at the bottom up for a label. 

Tri-Folds... Fold the paper in thirds, cut into desired shape, then illustrate.

Fan Book...  Just cut out long triangles or ovals, punch one hold in the far end and bind it.  For lapbooking, it would probably usually work better to place this book in a pocket to take out, rather than attaching it. 

Tabbed Book...  Make a booklet with tabs sticking out to go to each page. 

Four Corner Book...  Start with a square, then fold each corner to the center point. 

Wheel Book...  Place a circle in front with a window cut out, and another circle in back, attached with a brad. As the circle spins, it reveals different portions of the back circle. 

Pocket or Envelope...  You may want to put an item or flash cards inside, or you may ask a question on the outside of it and place the answer on a paper inside.  Make a simple pocket by attaching the sides/bottom of the shape & leaving the top open.  If you want envelopes, you'll find templates for them in the links at the bottom of the page.

Books Around the World...  When applicable, make book native to topic or region you're studying such as: Slat book (China), Palm leaf books (Asia & misc),  Papyrus scroll (Egypt), Accordion book (China, Mexico), sewn book (China, Japan, Europe)  Instructions Here



  • Mini Book Master Template a good variety of downloadable mini books templates
  • Basic Mini-Book templates & instructions.  (4 page flip-up book, 3 piece flap book, matchbook, shutter book, shutter flap book, 4 triangle book, strip book) 
  • Mirkwood Designs  just about any template your little heart desires.  (Quite a few of them can be used in lapbooking, like the fold-up cards and envelopes.  The rest may come in handy for other projects) 
  • Here are more ideas & instructions for making your own books

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