Monday, March 28, 2016

Easy DIY Infinity Scarf / Nursing Cover

Today I'll show you how you can turn one yard of fabric into an infinity scarf. If you happen to have a baby, it can double as a nursing cover. 

All you need is a yard of fabric (plus yarn and preferably a sewing machine). I chose a t-shirt type knit material which doesn't fray. This is fabulous since I don't have to hem the edges, and it's light and breathable. 

The only time-consuming part of the project is trimming your fabric to make it nice and square. Exact measurements aren't required, but you'll want it around 1 yard long (or longer, depending how long you like your scarf) by 30" wide. I bought a fabric remnant that was barely a yard long, and if anything I would have added a few extra inches to its length. Regardless of how long you make it,  trim it to a 30" width. 
*Note to those who like to tweak things: I tried having it an extra ten inches wide but that made the finished scarf too bulky, so I went back down to the standard 30". 

At this point you can hem the long edges if you wish. I didn't, since I chose a non-fraying material. 

After trimming the edges, I sewed the two shorter (30") edges together, which made the fabric into a big tube (an infinity scarf). 

Now it's ready to wear. 

For those who want it to double as a nursing cover, this is how it drapes... 

If your baby likes to pull the cover, or you just want more coverage, I have one last helpful step... Lay the tube out on your table, right sides together (so you see the ugly side). Measure 12" from your seam. Pin or clip and measure from 12" to 16". 
*Note: go ahead and make sure your head fits comfortably through the 12" hole. If not, scoot it over a bit to make it bigger. 

Sew the 4 inch seam. This will not interfere with the scarf's functionality. It just gives it added function as a nursing cover. 

This will make the scarf hang like so...

Now when you turn the scarf to nurse, the seam keeps the cover held in place over your other shoulder. This prevents baby from yanking the cover off. 

Now it's a full-coverage nursing cover, and it still doubles as an infinity scarf! 

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