Friday, March 7, 2014

The Color Swatch Ring

 Would you like to know what's in this cute little beaut?

We recently moved and have been painting and painting and painting some more, ever since. I wanted to do something handy with my swatches, and have wished a couple times that I had them with me when shopping. And so I present to you, the color swatch ring:

I cut the paint color cards to the same size, made divider cards for each room in the house, laminated and hole punched them, and stuck them on a ring. And now I can flip right to living room and see both colors used in that room, or bedroom and see the colors used in that room. I even laminated a swatch of each fabric I used to sew bedding items and curtains, which was handy when choosing my paint colors.

Now if I'm shopping for something for the house I can take my colors with me, which is rather handy! 

Did I mention that I love my laminator? 

1 comment:

  1. AMAZING IDEA!!! That is wonderful! You will be surprised at how handy this will be in the future to have ~ I've gone back and pulled out old color swatch cards from 5 yrs ago for reference!