Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Creation or Natural Coincidence?

Take a look at this aircraft cabin for a minute... 

It takes a lot of genius, planning, technology,
and wisdom to build such a marvel, wouldn't you say?

If someone said that the aircraft and its cabin were not planned... they just existed... by themselves... or by chance... or by coincidence... how would you react? How would the engineers and designers and scientists that built it react?

Now let's consider these wonders...  

Our thankfulness and our applause to the Great Artist, Supreme Intelligence, the prime reason for everything... GOD. 


I thought this post was too good not to pass along! I found it online in multiple places, but unfortunately I couldn't track down the original source to give credit to. 

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  1. Philippians 2:10...every knee WILL bow...
    Some day ~ EVERY ~ knee will bow down to the one true and living God of heaven and earth... whether in praise and adoration, or in fear and trembling... EVERY knee WILL bow..... We must spread the Good News to one and all... Christ has raised from the dead and offers us eternal life with him... we are fools if we shun this... He has shown himself throughout creation. It is right before our very eyes in so many ways each day. WAKE UP and learn how to serve him with your whole heart in truth and spirit. We have an AWESOME and LOVING God .... but we must serve him according to his Word.