Sunday, July 28, 2013

Smurfy Tan & a Revamped Swingset!

My husband and I did a little revamping earlier this summer on this ugly, rusted, icky old swing set.

After giving it a good cleaning, we used the Rustoleum spray primer and that alone did wonders for it! My fingers were so shaky from spraying that I could barely text or type afterwards!
Of course it took way more paint than we thought it would, requiring a couple extra paint runs, but the best part of my day was when my new BFF at Lowes verified that I am in fact over 18 years old. 

Now we have a renewed old swing set and two happy boys!

And as a bonus I got to sport this narly looking smurf tan!


  1. It looks so great! How long does a smurf tan last? :)

    1. Thanks V :) It lasted a couple hours til I scrubbed it off. Although I did find find random flecks of blue on my arms for a while after.