Saturday, March 30, 2013

Hanging Baskets for Art Supplies

 Here's how I finally got our art supplies cutely organized and accessible... 

Supplies I Used:
   2 curtain rods
   6 plastic storage containers with snappy handles
   Ribbon (I used less than two rolls of 3/8" ribbon, 10 yds per roll) 

To make these yourself, just hang some curtain rods on the wall. Then hot-glue decorative ribbon around the storage containers and hang them from the rods using the snappy handles. 

To organize the stuff inside each basket, I repurposed some old playdough containers. You could use little cups if you want. But by dividing up my supplies that way, I can pull out just one little cupfull of crayons / colored pencils / etc. at a time. 

If you decide to do this yourself, send me a picture of your finished result! I love seeing (and sharing) my readers' photos! 

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