Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Happy Hineys! (Tutorial for fabulous waterproof changing pads)

With a title like that, you gotta know you're in for a treat! Today's project was crafted for my newest nephew, Jeremiah. Isn't he just a doll? 

Today I'm sharing the tutorial for what I made him, and what every mama needs for the daily job of keeping that "tiny hiney" a HAPPY hiney... If you don't have babies, don't throw this project aside! Bookmark it for the next time you need a cute baby gift for someone special! (More on that in a minute!) It's a super-simple project that any mama will graciously thank you for! 

I introduce you to... waterproof changing pads! I use these to sit on top of my son's actual changing pad so that the cover doesn't have to get washed all the time. These pads are easier to make than spare covers, and quicker to change out as needed. (There were some days while he was a newborn I'd actually go through a couple in a day.)  

And, they're versatile! You could stash one in the car, or make a few extra to stick in a changing basket in another room. (A changing basket is just a basket with diapers, wipes, a changing pad, and any creams you may use inside it. If you have multiple rooms you may end up changing the baby in, it's handy to keep the changing supplies in a second room for handy use.) If you're looking for a cute, practical baby gift for someone, it doesn't get much better. How about putting together a changing basket with all the essentials? Or if you're feeling insanely crafty you could make a basket out of diapers, like this: 

No? Well, ok then. How about we just stick with the changing pads. If you're giving them alone as a gift, you could roll them up and tie a ribbon around them for added cuteness, then skip the gift wrap. That's pretty down-right doable!

Here are the front and back of Jeremiah's changing pads: 

And here are the first changing pads I made... 

Which have been ever-so-handy over the past year with my little guy: 

Babies are the BEST! Even if they do have stinky hineys from time to time. Happy 

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