Thursday, February 2, 2012

Dish Towel Bib Tutorial

You know how babies are perfect eaters and never look like this? 


Oh, right. They always look like that. My little guy went through a phase of yanking off any and every bib, which didn't do any favors for his clothes. So I started using dish towel bibs. They are easy to pop on over his head but he can't yank them off (for now). And best of all, the towel is a generous size to cover his entire body from neck to leg. I just tuck it under him around the edges and his clothes stay clean.

These are super-easy to make... all that's required is a dish towel, a little ribbing, and a teeny bit of time.

Unless you decide to embroider fancy schmancy decorations all over them, then you may need a little more time. (So basically if you're the Mom, you'll probably be like me and make the quick, easy one. If you're the Grandma, you'll probably fancy it up a bit!) 

Here's my little guy who's obviously happy because his clothes are un-gunkified under that bib.

And last, but not least, one of my lovely readers, Beth from Iowa, shared a picture of the first-ever dishtowel bib she made using my tutorial... 

Thanks for sharing Beth! 

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