Friday, November 11, 2011

Super Simple Slushy Icepacks (& Boo Boo Bears!)

This freezer pack is super simple to make with just water an alcohol and is great to use as a cold pack! When you remove it from the freezer, if it feels solid, just smoosh it around a bit with your fingers and it re-slushifies and will be squishy again, which is much nicer to drape over an injury or sore muscles than a rock-hard chunk of ice.  

To make it you'll just need:
3 parts rubbing alcohol
8 parts water
2 Ziploc bags or 1 Foodsaver bag


Combine three parts rubbing alcohol to eight parts water. Here are the sizes I use: 
  • MINI PACK: 3 oz rubbing alcohol and 8 oz water
  • QUART-SIZE PACK: 3/4 C rubbing alcohol and 2 C water
  • GALLON-SIZE PACK: 2 C rubbing alcohol and 6 C water


  • If you've got a food saver vacuum sealer, put the water/alcohol mixture in a food saver bag, and seal it shut. That's your tightest, most reliable seal!  ....OR...... If you don't have a vacuum sealer- no worries- I think you'd be ok using a Ziploc "freezer bag" (they're stronger than non-freezer bags). Also, to prevent the bag from popping open, double bag it and don't squeeze it to smithereens. However, if you make them to give or sell then I'd only do so with a FoodSaver heat-sealed bag.
  • Place a towel or piece of fabric between the bag and your skin!!! Consider making a simple cover for it. When I made Boo Boo Bears (& Buggies, Butterflies & Bunnies) to sell at a craft fair, I just embroidered a little cuteness and then used the rag quilting technique (super simple).   Here's what they looked like:

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