Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Geography Resources for Home Educators

Free Online Resources:

  • World Atlas... if you need a map, you'll find it here.  The choices are endless.
  • Shepphard Software has GREAT geography games for both world geography and US geography. Be sure to check it out! 
  • Free State Maps Request... Here's where you can request state maps & brochures for free, for every state in the US.
  • Mega Maps... This is so cool! You can print maps large or small here... you can make floor maps spread across 25 or 36 sheets of paper.

Free Printables:

Really Neat Supplemental Books:
  • Material World: A Global Family Portrait, by Peter Menzel - This book introduces you to real families around the world, and prominently features photographs showing their living conditions, home, and material possessions. There are explanations, insights & statistics for comparison, but the photographs take priority and are given most of the page space.   It is such a unique book, and a real eye-opener to see just how much we are truly blessed, and how little other people in the world have. I viewed it from the library to be sure I liked it, then bought it to use as a social study book along with our geography studies each year. 
  • Hungry Planet: What the World Eats, (or if you prefer the kid version of the book, it's just called What the World Eats) also by Peter Menzel - Similar to the Material World book, it's a book introducing its readers to real families around the world, but with a focus on what those families eat. Photographs show each family with one week's worth of their food, and comparison prices are given as well as special features like street food/ meat consumption/ life expectancies/ fast food around the world. Again, this is a really neat social study book to supplement geography studies
  • If you'd like to take a sneak peak into these two books, look at the beginning of this post!

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