Friday, January 23, 2009

Home Schooling Works!

Did you know that according to the largest national study of home schooled students,  In EVERY subject and at EVERY grade level, home school students out performed both public and private school students? On average, home schoolers score 37 percentile points higher than national average on standardized tests. Since one in four home school students are enrolled in a grade above their age level, this means that home schooled students are compared to other students in their grade, rather then comparing them to their own peers in the grade(s) below. Home schooling provides a healthy learning environment, the best academics, promotes family unity, and yes- even good socialization!  Get your facts straight, read the study results below, they may surprise you. 

A couple studies to look at...

  • Be sure to check out the 1998 HSLDA study... Homeschooling Works!   It has academic and demographic info from the largest national study of home schooled students.   
  • The new 2010 HSLDA study.. "Exploring Academic Outcomes of Homeschooled Students" shows that home schoolers still outperform their peers in college- having higher GPAs and higher graduation rates.
  • 2003 HSLDA study.. "Homeschooling Grows Up" is the largest research survey to date of home educated adults.  Answers:  How do homeschoolers turn out?  Do they get into college or get a job?  How do they fit into society?  Are they good citizens?  Are they happy?

Home-schooling is a way of life and learning that incorporates family unity and real-world, community-based learning. It provides a natural learning atmosphere that allows children to thrive academically, creatively, spiritually, physically, and socially. One common misconception is that home schooling targets a specific sector of society, but in actuality it attracts a broad range of people from varied backgrounds, nationalities, and race. They include rich to poor, large and small families from rural and urban areas, conservative and liberal, religious and non-religious, traditional and non-traditional, and everything in-between. As you read in the studies above, it is working! Families are choosing home schooling over public schooling at a rate of 7% more every year for the last ten years. There are about 2 million children home schooled across America. Find out why!!! 

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