Getting Started Home Schooling

  • The first step in starting homeschooling isn't choosing curriculum. Spend some time thinking about what you want education to be for your children. If you haven't visited my "About Education" page, that's a great place to start. 
  • What do you hope to accomplish? Here are some open-ended questions to discuss with your spouse as you start thinking about what your educational philosophy is. After this simple exercise, it begins to be surprisingly easier to recognize what materials and methods may best suit your needs. 
  • Read Advice for New Home School Moms, written by a veteran homeschool family.
  • Homeschool Vs. School at Home... Learn the secret many moms wished they knew when they got started! 
  • Learn about the different Home School Methods people use. You'll hear some of these terms when curriculum shopping. Now you'll know what they mean!
  • What about Virtual Schooling? If the lure of freebies is calling out to you, read this article before deciding if it's really right for you. 
  • How to find other homeschoolers (it helps if you know where to look!)
  • HSLDA - Home School Legal Defense Association is the main force protecting and defending parental rights and educational freedom in the US. I highly recommend joining if you're at all able to, because they're constantly monitoring the laws and threats affecting us so we don't have to. They even defend members should they run into any home-school-related legal expenses. 

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