Friday, October 9, 2015

Essential Oils: Shh!!! Don't Tell!!!

If you haven't heard already, the FDA has been having a fit over what we are and are not allowed to say when sharing essential oils. The problem is that essential oils are such a unique market that the FDA doesn't know what to do with them. Since Young Living is the original EO company and they set the standard for the entire industry (no other company can make the claims YL does), the FDA is working with them exclusively to reanalyze how to regulate the entire market. They have a long ways to go! What's "ok" to say today may not be "ok" to say tomorrow, which is more than a little annoying.

So, in order to help us all understand what is and is not OK, enjoy this video from Young Living....  

I AM allowed to tell you that Young Living's essential oils support, maintain and promote wellness. They may be used topically, aromatically, and in many cases internally to address age emotional conditions, age-related conditions, and support natural body functions. 

And they WORK! My family and friends have found that oils supported their health in ways that pharmaceuticals could not. Their very nature is different... rather than masking symptoms, EO's support the body. This is a win-win. Instead of negative side effects, you enjoy positive ones. 

I previously had every oil in the starter kit listed and the many ways my family and I have used them. But the new FDA regulations infringe on our freedom of speech and by the time I change a simple statement into an FDA compliant one, you probably no longer know what I'm talking about. 

I'm no longer allowed tell you what worked for me or my family. Well, not with words like "allergies" or "eczema", "migraine" or even "stomach ache". Instead I can say "seasonal nuisances" or "skin irritation", "head discomfort" or "supporting digestive health". These aren't my words and they complicate a simple conversation. 

So instead of risking losing my YL membership, I will urge you to look up what the oils can do for yourself. I AM allowed to direct you to separate sites of testimonials since those sites do not offer a way to buy the product. 

Check out these resources to educate yourself on the power of essential oils. 
  • CLICK HERE to access my oil testimonials page! Want to know what oils have helped other people? You can access nearly 8,000 testimonials here and search by keyword/ailment, or view the most popular testimonials. This is a great resource.
  • Click HERE to read about Gary Young (founder of Young Living Essential Oils) and the impressive story of how he discovered the power of essential oils as a natural medicine. Though a logging accident left him paralyzed and in constant pain for 13 years,  he was able to take his life back through the use of essential oils. He went on to be a pioneer in the field, with his company setting the world-wide standard today in farming, distillation and production of therapeutic-grade essential oils.
  • Click HERE to read about research showing that essential oils kill MRSA bacteria and more! 
  • I chose the Young Living brand of essential oils. Click HERE to find out why you should too!  

My intention is to go back through past EO posts and at attempt to make them compliant. We'll see how that goes. :) Happy oiling! But, shh! don't tell!!!

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