Friday, October 23, 2015

Essential Oils Kill MRSA Bacteria and More!

Did you know that essential oils have been found to kill MRSA bacteria, E. Coli and other bacteria and fungi within two minutes of contact? Research carried out at the University of Manchester revealed such, and say that they "believe that discovery could revolutionize the fight to combat MRSA and other 'super bugs.'" Sadly, essential oils are underutilized since they can't be patented, and therefore are not "commercially viable."

You can use essential oils in a variety of ways around your home to kill bacteria. Check out Katelyn Watson's experiment... 

"So I am in Mirco Biology and we had to take 2 plates home. One SDA plate and one NA plate. We had to open them up for 30min every other day for 4 days. Well this is what is growing on mine. This is in the air that we breathe everyday, we have different types of mold spores, bacteria growing. The mold spores here found in the air can trigger allergies, cause upper respiratory infections if they have a food source to grow on. I asked my teacher if I could have 2 more plates to re-peat the experiment. I did the very same thing again except I added 5 drops of thieves to the plate. I had it in the same area of the house for the exact same amount of time. NO GROWTH. WHAT?????? I am always posting on here diffuse thieves to kill germs, and bacteria, in the air well now this just proves that it does work. I am so excited to show my teacher this tomorrow she was very interested if the thieves would actually kill the fungus and bacteria so it could not grow and reproduce. These oils are 100% pure goodness."

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