Tuesday, March 31, 2015

What Makes Young Living Different From Any Other Firm in the World

What follows was written by a YL Customer Service in an email:

Here are eight key elements that make Young Living® different from any other firm in the world:

  1. Own organic herb farms and custom-built essential oil distillation facilities on three continents.
  2. Have one of the largest libraries of scientific review papers on essential oils in the world.
  3. Have a founder/CEO who has devoted almost a quarter century to studying and growing therapeutic-grade essential oil.
  4. Have company leaders who have published twelve research papers and nine books on the therapeutic benefits of essential oils and herbs.
  5. Have a founder/CEO who has studied at nine foreign universities.
  6. Have a founder/CEO who has spoken at the United Nations conference on essential oils.
  7. Have a staff of essential oil experts who regularly travel the world searching for the finest essential oils being produced.
  8. Offer totally unique and natural products that get immediate results

We do not dilute, cut, or allow any adulteration to our single oils or the single oils we place in our oil blends, supplements, or other products, nor do we fractionate (isolate or distill out specific components) our essential oils. We harvest, distill, and sell only 100% natural, pure essential oils that meet the Young Living therapeutic-grade standard.

One of Young Living's defining attributes is that we take quality so seriously that we actually own and operate our own farms and steam extraction equipment. We have operations on three continents, including Europe, South America, and North America that produce the finest essential oils on earth. Again, no other vendor is more fanatical on quality.

Young Living's founder, Gary Young, has spent twenty-three years acquiring knowledge on herb cultivation and proper essential oil distillation and has worked with the foremost world experts on essential oils including Daniel Penoel, MD, Jean-Claude Lapraz, MD, Radwan Farag, PhD, and countless others.

If contacted by a different essential oil company, you can determine their level of commitment by asking questions such as:

  • Has the company dedicated numerous years to gain knowledge about essential oils? 
  • Does the company own more than 4,500 acres of farmland on three continents? 
  • Does the company distill herbs? 
  • Does the company offer the largest essential oil collection in the world? 
  • Does the company test essential oils both in-house and with independent labs? 
  • Does the company guarantee to only offer 100% pure oils produced from carefully identified plants? 
  • Does the company personally experiment and research the growth, harvesting, and distillation of essential oils? 
  • Does the company routinely visit it's suppliers to ensure the best manufacturing practices? 
  • What peer-reviewed research has the company published? Have they tested their oils in clinical settings? 
  • If the company claims to be "certified therapeutic-grade,” specifically which essential oil experts have certified it?

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