Monday, April 7, 2014

Sarah's Amazing Transformation!

You may remember in my "What's all the Fuss about Essential Oils?" post that I referenced a sweet friend who's suffered from migraines 5 days out of 7 for over 20 years that is now off her meds, migraine-free, and couldn't be happier. Today I wanted to share a little more of her experience with you. I asked her if she minded, and she said she was happy to write out a testimony to share:

I have been mostly bedridden for 5 years. I almost permanently lost my legs and have had 3 back surgeries, much therapy, heavy pain pills, chiropractic, vibration machine and massage to get me somewhat walking. I have been in and out of my wheelchair, and needing heavy doses of morphine off and on. I have also been having migraines since I was 9 years old and have tried everything under the sun, including changing my diet many time with no help. I was up to at least 5 migraines a week. I'm now 31 days migraine free and prescription drug free!! I'm walking like a normal person, actually going places and enjoying life!! No longer to I have to have my husband carry me to the bathroom!! I can do everything for myself and I'm taking care of my family again!! God has handed me my life back on a silver platter called YL oils!!

She's also been sharing updates via FaceBook during her first month of using the oils, as she just couldn't believe the changes she was seeing. Here are some of them: 

Day 3: 

Update on how the oils are working! They are! - Note, I have not taken any of my drugs since I got my oils to really see if they work or not.

Sleeping... I'm sleeping!! O. my. goodness! Even when I'm heavily drugged, I haven't slept this peacefully in years. I actually felt like waking up and getting out of bed this morning...who is this person I am becoming?!?! I've used Lavender and Peace & Calming.

Bryce's nose and breathing... Bryce had issues when he was born and we almost lost him when he was 2 weeks old. The docs said he was always going to be a very sickly child. We have done MANY things to help him, medicines, surgeries, and more. He is a lot better than how he used to be but I have always hoped to get him even better, easier for him to breath and not be so incredibly stuffy all of the time. Well, Thursday I ran Thieves in the diffuser before we all went to bed. I wasn't stuffy but somehow it got me blowing stuff out. So Bryce really was. Friday morning, Bryce came running into the living room..."Mom, Mom!! How do I turn the diffuser on?" "You push the button, why?" "Because, my nose feels great and I can breathe!! Mom, my nose has never felt this good!" The boy was bouncing off the walls in excitement! He insisted on sitting by the diffuser while doing his school work and every once in a while he would look up and say "I love my nose feeling good!" THAT by itself, made getting my kit more than worth it!!! 

Day 6: 

Day # 6- I have broken my, at least a 20 year, record! Still migraine free!! AND we were gone all day looking at houses, I was exposed to some things today that would have sent me immediately into migraine mode and sinus infection for at least a week and sometimes a month. As soon as I got out of the houses and back to the car, I put the peppermint oil in the roof of my mouth and the symptoms went away.

I am beyond exhausted, my body is not used to all the activity, but I feel good!! I have a drop of Lavender on my forehead and big toes, PanAway under my feet, a dab of Stress Away on my neck and drinking Lemon in my water. I'm about to fall asleep for another glorious night of peaceful sleep with no nightmares (one thing I forgot to mention before, my nights since I was a little girl, are filled with mostly vivid nightmares, I have not had a single one since using my oils)

I'm loving this new me!! God is so merciful!! I have been trying man made drugs for years with no relief, and if I got any, the side effects were not worth it. Now, I'm using God's design with His Creation and feeling like a new person!

Day 9:

Some of my other improvements: Increased energy, my skin is getting MUCH softer and clearing up, I don't feel sooo old! My hair is getting healthier, I looked in the mirror last night and started really noticing the new appearances...score! My swelling in my back has dropped dramatically! Normally, I'm using ice packs several times a day just to survive what little I was doing, now I'm doing much more and have only used ice once or twice this week!

Day 13: 

13 DAYS MIGRAINE FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Day 16: 

My acupuncture is wearing off, I go back next Friday! Earlier today, my low back got to hurting so much that I could barely walk on my left leg for the pain shooting down it. I rubbed PanAway and Valor on the bottom of my feet and PanAway on my low back, mainly on the left side where the pain was mostly radiating from. The pain had been diminishing and growing easier to walk and now, almost 2 hours later, the pain is gone! Love my oils! No side effects that will put me to bed the rest of the day! I can still function, take care of my kids and continue our school day:-)

Day 19:

19 days migraine FREE!!!!! AND 19 days prescription drugs FREE!!!! No pain pills, no muscle relaxers! I went to a medical specialist today and his jaw dropped when I told him how long it's been since I took my pills...He said "Please, keep doing what you are doing!!" 

I'm WAY behind on my TV shows! I love it!! It means I'm not stuck in bed watching them, I'm up spending time with my family and actually going places! I would be thrilled if I never saw my shows again! 

Side effects to using my Young Living Essential Oils.....drum roll, please.....I feel healthier! I have more energy, my swelling has reduced by 50% or more, and MUCH less pain!! I LOVE these side effects!! Also beware, I was able to wear heels on Sunday...not real high ones mind you but much higher than I'm used to. AND I was able to walk like a normal person! WOO HOO!! I was not in my flip flops!! 

Sometimes I want to pinch myself to see if this is real!?! I'm in a constant prayer, thanking God for this amazing blessing that He has provided! 

Day 24: 

24 days STILL migraine FREE and drug free!!! Somebody pinch me!!! I got my other 2 ingredients for the morphine bomb! (Copaiba & Balsam Fir) I already had Frankincense since it comes in the premium kit. I tried it for the first time yesterday and YES, it does work! I just made another one 20 minutes ago and I am starting to feel the difference. Feeling better with no bad side effects, only a healthier body? Yes, PLEASE!!

Also, last night, I pushed myself a little too far and my back started swelling up, I rubbed the Copaiba where I was swelling and before long it had gone down and I didn't notice it anymore. YAY!

Day 29: 

UPDATE time!! 29 days migraine free!!! YAY!! I've still had a few headaches but that was when I ran out of my lemon oil. A few headaches is WAY better than constant! I will not allow myself to run out of my Lemon oil again VERY exciting news!! I'm taking my kids on a field trip tomorrow!! Without Nick and without my wheelchair and I'm NOT scared!! Woo Hoo! This momma is making a huge comeback! I'm STILL improving everyday I never thought my back would feel this good. Yesterday was the first day in forever that I woke up pain free!!!!! I was dancing and singing the whole time I was getting ready to spend the day out with Nick! Yesterday, in the car, I did the big no-no, for someone who has had the surgeries I have had...I reached behind me to grab something heavy...OUCH! My new motto, Keep Calm and apply YL Oils! That would have normally sent me into all kinds of problems for many days but I just applied my oils every couple of hours and a morphine bomb once I got home before church, and I was able to do all I did yesterday and enjoy it! I feel great today! God has given me my life back on a silver platter! He is The Great Physician! I just had to reach out and grab His creation! 

Day 43: 

I think it's time for an UPDATE!! I think I'm on day, so many changes in my life in that small amount of time!!! I'm not the same person I was 43 days ago! Quick recap - I have had migraines since I was 9, I was up to at least 5 a week, I had not had a moment with out my head hurting in many years. I have had 3 back surgeries and still struggling daily to keep my legs working. I have spent most of the last 5 years in bed. Since I have been in CA, if I went anywhere, it was not for long and I had to go straight to bed and stay for the rest of the day and next day to recover. I had been using my wheelchair a lot. Heavy medication just to survive the pain with bad side effects. I was only hoping for a little relief from my migraines...what I got instead was completely incredible!

Now...I'm 43 days migraine free, medication free, and wheel chair free!! Using YL oils with no bad side effects, the only side effect is a healthier body! I've only gone back to bed once in that time period but only for 5 minutes till my oils kicked in and I was good to go again! I have been going non stop!! I have even taken the boys on 2 field trips (with out Nick's help)...WOO HOO!! I have been exhausting myself as I'm not used to so much activity but feeling great! I went to do laundry the other day because there are always huge mounds of it, but my baskets were empty because I have been able to stay on top of it!! What?? Me?? This person?? CRAZY and AMAZING!!! I'm starting to get back in the swing of things being a mom and wife that is actually somewhat in control of things God has blessed me far more than I deserve!!


  1. I am SO happy for you Sarah! Thanks for sharing your story- and the length of it shows what a phenomenal solution we have available at our very fingertips. Young Living Oils are premium oils derived from God's creation. All glory to Him :) Thanks for sharing that testimonial for others to read and learn and benefit from!!!!

  2. I've REALLY benefited from the panaway - (its so easy to remember it as pain-away!) cuz that's what it does! You rub it on-WHEREVER its aching, and within a VERY short time you feel SO much better (we're talking half a minute or so!) its amazing!

    I've also begun using Peace and Calming on my psycho-cat... she's 9 months old and has decided that biting (HARD!) is a GAME! NO NO! Zippity DooDah!!! wow she can cause some pain ...and I don't want her doing this when the grandkids come to visit! So I've diluted a few drops of Peace and Calming w/EVOO and rub a teensie bit on her ears and paws each day - and I'm here to tell you, its helping!!!! :) I am hoping we can stop it altogether- but such a naughty habit I don't expect to stop overnight (I've been doing this a matter of a few days now). I'm hopeful though :)