Monday, March 17, 2014

What's All the Fuss About Essential Oils? (Part 1)

What started as a search for headache relief during pregnancy (as I could no longer take Advil) led me to do something I'd been meaning to do for a long time... research essential oils. As a result, my family has been reaping the benefits ever since.

Did you know that essential oils can be a safe, natural way to support natural body functions and maintain wellness? I've used them in many ways to maintain my own comfort and wellness, and that of my family. As a result we've made far less trips to the pharmacy. I'd love to tell you the specific bottles in my cabinet that I've replaced with essential oils, but the FDA has a fit about such things. However, I can direct you to sites that will tell you the many versatile ways that people are currently using their essential oils, and I'd highly encourage you to do so. Check out this oils testimonials page! It gives you access to nearly 8,000 testimonials so you can find out what oils have helped other people. You can also browse through the most popular testimonials

A sweet friend of mine who's suffered from migraines 5 days out of 7 for over 20 years is now off her meds! She's now migraine-free and couldn't be happier. (You can read more about her experience HERE)

But WAIT! Quality Matters! Before you rush out to the health food store to find some oils, be warned that fining a certified organic oil isn't enough! Unless it is truly therapeutic grade, it has almost certainly been adulterated and/or diluted, which sacrifices both purity and potency. For example, there is more Lavender oil produced world-wide than what is grown! That means that the majority of Lavender oil for sale is not pure, and if you don't shop carefully you're almost certain to buy one that's been compromised. In fact, "about 98% of essential oils produced in the world today are not intended for serious, therapeutic and/or medicinal use."

The typical oils that make up the bulk of the market have fillers and additives in them. Besides negating the oil's healing and therapeutic value, those additives can be skin irritants, making you think you're allergic to an oil when you're actually just reacting to the additives. In fact, The FDA only requires 5% of the essential oil to be in the bottle in order for it to be labeled as "100 percent pure."  Since the oils industry is mostly unregulated, you have to be sure you find a quality oil source. 

After reading up about the leading brands and researching them as much as I could, I chose the Young Living brand of essential oils. They're 100% pure with no foreign substances, they're grown from organic plants and are distilled correctly. As long as you store them out of sunlight or extreme temperatures, with their lids closed tight, they retain their therapeutic-grade for years and years! This is true only of truly pure essential oils, whereas the typical oil you buy at the store can go rancid in even a matter of months.

If you'd like to find out more about essential oils, here are some handy links for you:
  • Click HERE to read about Gary Young (founder of Young Living Essential Oils) and the impressive story of how he discovered the power of essential oils as a natural medicine. Though a logging accident left him paralyzed and in constant pain for 13 years,  he was able to take his life back through the use of essential oils. He went on to be a pioneer in the field, with his company setting the world-wide standard today in farming, distillation and production of therapeutic-grade essential oils.
  • Click HERE to read about Essential Oils Killing MRSA bacteria, mold spores, and more! 
  • CLICK HERE to access my oil testimonials page! This is the site I referred to above where you can find out what oils have helped other people. You can access nearly 8,000 testimonials here and search by keyword/ailment, or view the most popular testimonials. This is a great resource.
  • I chose the Young Living brand of essential oils. Click HERE to find out why you should too! 

If you'd like to order Young Living essential oils, you can place a retail order or sign up as a wholesale member through this link.  (My # 1546126 should be entered in.) As a wholesale member, you'll receive the same discount I do (24%)! It's basically is like a SAM's club membership, but there's no yearly fee. There are no order requirements, and you don't have to sell it to people. Signing up as a wholesale member allows you to buy products for yourself at the wholesale price. The only requirement to begin receiving this wholesale discount is that you purchase a starter kit (prices range from $40-$150). Tomorrow I'll show you my starter kit and tell you more about what came in it. After buying a starter kit, you can order any time you want with no minimums. In part three of this series I answer some FAQ's about Young Living wholesale membership

Now you have the scoop! I hope you'll give the oils a look, because we've really been enjoying them so far and I know that you will too!


  1. I have a friend that introduced me to essential oils (her preferred brand is doTerra for the purity & quality - not sure if she knows about Young Living) and I've mostly been using them for my acne. I just got a blend that is supposed to help balance hormones and I sure hope it helps b/c my acne has gotten out of control since giving birth. Anyway, she has Lyme Disease and essential oils are helping her SO MUCH in the battle with it. Dennis used an oil blend I had for skin that had Melaleuca in it on a funky toenail he had (fungus) and it only took a few weeks of application for his toenail to look normal again. Pretty cool stuff. :)

    1. It is pretty cool stuff! I've been really impressed with them since getting started last fall. Good luck w/ your hormone balancing!!