Tuesday, March 18, 2014

My Young Living Essential Oils Starter Kit! Woo hoo! (Part 2)

This is PART 2 of a three-part series. If you missed yesterday's post, "What's all the Fuss About Essential Oils," I recommend going back and reading it first. As promised, today I'll tell you about the Essential Oils starter kit I bought. After researching essential oils, I couldn't wait to start using them. I was so excited to receive my starter kit in the mail!

I got the Young Living Premium Starter Kit, which included the Everyday Oils Collection (10 of the top-selling YL oils), a diffuser to use them in, plus a bottle of Stress-Away, a couple product samples and introductory guides. I think this is the way to go if you're ready to get started using oils because it includes a nice variety of them to be able to really start using them in lots of different ways.

And here's how to use these wonderful oils:

***The rest of this post is being censored updated to satisfy the FDA.***

Have you read my post "Essential Oils: Shh, Don't Tell!"?  It more fully explains what's going on here, but the post I used to have up here is no longer "allowed." I can't tell you about any ailments I've treated for myself or my family, because I'm not a doctor. 

Instead, I can share this graphic from YL giving a short, generic description of the oils in the starter kit. My suggestion is to go to THIS SITE and search the names of each of these starter kit oils, because then you read MANY ways people are using them. 


  1. I used to get a lot of headaches when I had Graves Disease, for whatever reason, and you reminded me that I used peppermint oil for them all the time. I didn't have good peppermint oil, just cheap stuff from the health food store, but it did the trick! Very handy for headaches. I have an oil blend (doTerra) called Purify that must be the same or similar to your Purification. I also had success with it and my acne, along with straight melaleuca (tea tree oil). I really like the sound of Thieves!

  2. I LOVE finding new ways to use these oils - they are SO helpful and effective! I'm so glad to know about them and have them handy!!! Every time I read more information I learn a new use... I love using them.