Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Join Young Living! (Part 3)

This post is for anyone who is ready to start using therapeutic-grade essential oils in their home! I already shared what all the fuss is about essential oils and why I chose the Young Living brand.

Here's the scoop...  If you'd like to place a retail order or sign up as a wholesale member, CLICK HERE. (My # 1546126 should be entered in.)

How much does it cost to become a wholesale member?

All that's required is to buy a starter kit (ranging from $45-$170), and then you're IN!

Why sign up as a wholesale member?

Because you'll get a 24% discount!

There are NO order minimums. (Order what you want when you want it.)

You do NOT have to sell anything.

What starter kit do I recommend?

I highly recommend one of the Premium Starter Kits for $160 or $170, which include 11 essential oils and a diffuser of your choice (plus some samples, sample bottles, cards, and a catalog). If you want to become a member for as little money as possible, there is also a basic option for $45 which basically only buys your membership discount and includes a thank you gift of Stress-Away oil. There are also some specialty  kits available if those are your preference, but I'd stick with the regular starter kit which is the Premium Starter Kit. That way you get an assortment of the most popular oils and a diffuser to use with them. 

Is there a yearly fee? Nope! This is like a SAM's club membership minus the fee. All that's required to maintain your wholesale/distributer status is that you order $50/year in product.

Can you save even more money? Yes, if you choose to start Essential Rewards (a monthly shipment of products of your own choosing; you can change the products from month to month) you'll get a reduced shipping price, credit for free oils, and a monthly special. 

Can your friends and family order through you? Yes. You're under no obligation to sell anything to anyone. But, if you decide you'd like to make money sharing the oils with your friends and family, just ask me how.  

What support do you receive after joining? I'm in a great group and will add you to it. If you want, you'll receive emails and be part of a facebook group where you can post questions and hear from others who are using the products. You can also email me with any questions or concerns you have!

Ready to join? Here are the instructions.
2. Make sure my member number (1546126) is in the Sponsor ID and Enroller ID sections.
3. PLEASE include your email address so I can contact you easier!
4. Choose the kit you want (I recommend the Premium Starter Kit, which is the first listed choice), then proceed to check out. You can skip the Essential Rewards part for now unless you want to join it right away.
5. Sit tight and wait for your oils to arrive at your door!

If you have any questions, please contact me!

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